Is the Columbus Volunteer Challenge the same as Community Care Day?
Community Care Day, which was a one day event was reinvented in 2012 and is now the Columbus Volunteer Challenge, an event that spans several days, allowing more organizations and volunteers to participate.   Though the name has changed, the spirit of Community Care Day remains the same.  

Where can I/we find ways to get involved now?
While the Columbus Volunteer Challenge is a great way to learn about new organizations and way you can give your time and talent to our community, it certainly isn't the only way!   Check out Volunteer United and HandsOn Connect to find long-term and one-time projects that fit your skills and passions!

Do I have to participate with a company or group during the Columbus Volunteer Challenge?
No!   All of the projects listed are available for individual sign-up as well as group sign-up.   Feel free to volunteer alone, or pull together a group of friends of family to join you.   Be sure to check out all the details in the project listing for details about age and other requirements.  

A company or group called me directly and would like to reserve spaces for their group for the Columbus Volunteer Challenge. What should we do?
We encourage all non-profit organizations to register their volunteer projects on the Columbus Volunteer Website so they are open to the general community for sign-up.  While many non-profits and corporate groups have strong relationships, the Columbus Volunteer Challenge is a fantastic opportunity to expose new volunteers and groups to your organization.  In order to receive Columbus Volunteer Challenge project site signage and other items, your project must be an officially registered project on the Columbus Volunteer Challenge Website.  Please note that  Sponsors of the Columbus Volunteer Challenge have the opportunity to pre-register for projects a week before projects open to the general public.   

Is there any funding available to support our project?  
YES! Check out the 'Register a Project' tab above to learn more about our Micro-Grant opportunity!

In addition to the Columbus Volunteer Challenge, I need to recruit volunteers for project year-round.  Can you help?
There are several resources available to help you recruit volunteers throughout the year to support your organization.   In addition to managing your Columbus Volunteer Challenge volunteers, Volunteer United is also a place where you can post any one-time and/or ongoing volunteer opportunities that are related to United Way of Central Ohio's core work to fight poverty.     

When will sign-up be available for Group Registrations?
You can start to sign-up your groups for volunteer projects in early August.   Projects fill fast, so make sure to mark your calendar to check back for more details!

Will there be opportunities for large groups (50 + Volunteers)?
While there will several projects that can take very large groups of volunteers, the majority of projects will not be able to engage that many people in one location.   Keep in mind often times, projects are more impactful when it is a smaller number of volunteers focusing on the task.   If you want to engage large groups, and cannot find a project that fits your needs, consider hosting a project on site.    There will be several projects posted that can take place at the site of your choosing and can be run by you!   Examples include literacy kit projects, hygiene kit assembly and more.   

Can we purchase customized Columbus Volunteer t-shirts?
Yes!  T-shirt order forms are due to the vendor by mid-August.   T-shirts will be available for purchase once again this year, and you will have the option to include your company or group logo.  Check back in late July for more details! 

Will lunch be provided for our volunteers?
Every project is different.  Please refer to the information listed in the project details about lunch.  

We want to work with a specific organization during the Challenge, how can we ensure we get the project we want?

We provide early access to projects to our Columbus Volunteer Challenge Sponsors.  If you would like to get early access, please consider becoming a sponsor and contact Kathryn Wagonrod at 614-227-2749 or kathryn.wagonrod@uwcentralohio.org for more information.  It isn't too late to sponsor for the 2017 event!  Sponsorship allows organizations the opportunity to purchase materials and supplies to help make their projects a success.