10 Reasons to Volunteer in the Columbus Volunteer Challenge

1. Volunteering is good for physical and mental health: being outside doing light work may help reduce stress and improve overall morale. Helping others can make you feel good about yourself.

2. You can meet new, like minded people who are helping the same cause.

3. To strengthen your company/family: volunteer with your coworkers or family and see what a difference you can make together.

4. To be a part of something bigger and make grand community improvements.

5. To learn new things about Columbus: the hardships of the public school system, struggling neighborhoods, and what nonprofits and other companies do, in addition to how they give back to the community.

6. To gain and develop skills, resume extras, or service hours.

7. To have the gratifying experience of seeing first hand what a difference you can make.

8. Experience and learn about different people and how they live; interact with the people you’re helping, including kids.

9. To gain unique opportunities to set an example for other people, communities in need, and children who could look up to you.

10. Spend time with your significant other: try something new for date night or impress a first date.


Don't Wait until September to get Started! Volunteer Today!

Volunteering year-round is vital to creating a strong community.  Mark your calendars for the official Challenge Events in September, but start volunteering today!  United Way of Central Ohio and HandsOn Central Ohio are both great resources to help you find an opportunity to give back to the community.  Challenge yourself today.  

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